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Blackmagic Design Announces New Intensity Shuttle with Thunderbolt Technology

from Blackmagic Design

Intensity Shuttle with Thunderbolt

Blackmagic Design today announced Intensity Shuttle, a revolutionary new video capture and playback solution that uses Intel’s groundbreaking Thunderbolt™ technology. Intensity Shuttle makes the highest quality 10-bit SD and HD video affordable for everyone, in a truly portable solution that’s priced at only $239.

Intensity Shuttle features all the video connections needed to connect video cameras, set-top boxes, game consoles, large screen TVs and projectors to a Thunderbolt-enabled computer. The attractive inline design includes HDMI, analog component, composite and S-Video inputs and outputs. These high quality HDMI and RCA connectors are the worldwide standard for connecting digital and analog consumer video equipment.

Thunderbolt™ enabled computers connect to Intensity Shuttle using a single cable that is capable of 10 Gbps data transfer speeds, that’s 20x faster than USB 2.0 and 12x faster than FireWire 800. Intensity Shuttle is powered over the Thunderbolt™ cable and, with no need for an external power supply, is a completely portable device that can be moved easily between laptop and desktop computers.

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How to install a BlackMagic Intensity Pro

This is a basic Howto tutorial for setting up and using the Black Magic Intensity Pro capture card. It is a $200 hardware, and records HDMI or component signals. It has HDMI inputs and outputs, as well as a breaker cable for Component inputs and outputs, allowing you to record and play on your TV at the same time.

This video shows the basics of installing the Black Magic card into your computer and how to set it up using Component cables. If you aren’t sure you have open PCIe ports, first, USE GOOGLE IMAGES to search what PCIe ports look like. Second, OPEN UP YOUR COMPUTER, and see if any of them are available. Any size PCIe port will work with the Black Magic.

This capture card is the internal version of Intensity Pro. It requires an open PCIexpress port, and works in any size PCIexpress. If you have an x58 based motherboard with True USB 3.0, you can use the Intensity Shuttle. The Shuttle is EXACTLY like the Intensity Pro, but is completely external and because of that is easier to set up. To check if you have USB 3.0, look for a blue USB port. As for checking if you have an x58 based motherboard, check your system specs or look on the box of your motherboard.

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How to Record Using Your Blackmagic Intensity Pro

Install and configure your Blackmagic Intensity Pro
Install your Blackmagic Intensity Pro into any PCI express slot on your motherboard. Boot your computer into Windows/Mac OS/Linux and run the installer on the Blackmagic CD that came with your Intensity Pro. Once that’s finished, download the latest drivers for your Intensity Pro from here.

Plug in the device you want to capture from (video camera, Xbox, etc) and open the Windows Control Panel and click the Intensity Icon.

Blackmagic Intensity Pro Control Panel

Blackmagic Intensity Pro Control Panel

Select your input connection type using the Set Input dropdown box (usually Component & Analog RCA Audio, Y, R-Y, B-Y Video & Analog RCA Audio or HDMI).

Capture Video from your Blackmagic Intensity Pro
Open Blackmagic Media Express, open the Capture tab and go to Edit -> Preferences.

Blackmagic Media Express Settings

Blackmagic Media Express Preferences Screen

Change Video format to match the format of the device you are recording from. For Xbox 360 users, here are the instructions on how to find out/set the video format for your Xbox. Change any other settings you feel necessary (compression of some kind is highly recommended, otherwise you may fill your hard-drive’s free space very quickly!), enter a filename for your output video, and click the OK button.

Turn on the device you are capturing from, and on your PC/Mac, click the black screen. You should now see the device’s output on your computer monitor. To record, press the Rec button, and to stop recording, press the Stop button.

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