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SSDs vs. hard drives vs. hybrids: Which storage tech is right for you?

In times past, choosing the best PC storage option required merely selecting the highest-capacity hard drive one could afford. If only life were still so simple! The fairly recent rise of solid-state drives and hybrid drives (which mix standard hard drives with solid-state memory) have significantly altered the storage landscape, creating a cornucopia of confusing options for the everyday consumer.

Yes, selecting the best drive type for a particular need can be befuddling, but fear not: We’re here to help. Below, we explain the basic advantages and drawbacks for each of the most popular PC storage options available today. Tuck away this knowledge to make a fully informed decision the next time you’re shopping for additional drive space. Continue reading


Offline to online with 4K

The 4K buzz  seems to be steam-rolling the industry just like stereo3D before it. It’s too early to tell whether it will be an immediate issue for editors or not, since 4K delivery requirements are few and far between. Nevertheless, camera and TV-set manufacturers  are building important parts of the pipeline. RED Digital Cinema is leading the way with a post workflow that’s both proven and relatively accessible on any budget. A number of NLEs support editing and effects in 4K, including Avid DS, Autodesk Smoke, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Grass Valley EDIUS and Sony Vegas Pro. Continue reading


I Decided to Make a TV show and All I Got Was This Lousy Existential Crisis.

TTH-logo-Square-200x200The year of our Lord 2012 was an interesting one for my career – to say the least.

I left the comfortable solace of my former production company, which made mostly soul-crushing corporate and event videos to pursue my ultimate career goal – to have my own TV show glow back at me from an idiot box. I’d like to say, “Little did I know how challenging it would be,” or some other cliche, but honestly, I knew how challenging it would be, and it actually still exceeded my expectations. Continue reading


Things Broadcast Should Move Past In 2013

TVNewsCheck by Larry Thaler

In the spirit of cleaning the broadcast industry’s technology slate and giving us all a fresh start, we have looked into our collective crystal ball and compiled a list of things that we feel that will not, or at least should not, be seen after 2013. Some of these are small. Others, perhaps, are the pet peeves of minds that spend a lot of time staring at schematics and contemplating efficient workflows. Continue reading


5 Tips for Controlling your Video Backgrounds

silhouette photo of fans cheering at a baseball game, the field is in sharp focus.

What’s in YOUR background? Recently I wrote about5 Poor Excuses for Bad Video and today I’m going to break one of them out into deeper study.Backgrounds. I’m not talking about green screen or computer generated backgrounds, I’m talking about the natural elements you’d focus on and find behind any subject you’re shooting, because unless you’re shooting with a completely black or white backdrop, you’re going to have some background in your video, and many people seem to forget about that important feature. Backgrounds can hurt an othewise great image or help spice up your story, so let’s give it more thought. Continue reading