News from the SMPTE

SMPTE Sydney was a couple of weekends ago and everyone has finally recovered enough to send out a few updates and reviews!

First up, VideoDevices’ PIX-E units apparently garnered a lot of attention, with the rugged construction and physical buttons proving a crowd-pleaser. Alongside the main units the PIX-LR audio interface also drew a crowd.

Word is the PIX-E5s may start shipping in a few weeks time, so we’re looking forward to hearing what people have to say out in the field.

Sennheiser had a very eye-catching booth, where they were showcasing the AVX Audio-for-Video wireless system. This is a system designed for journalists and one-man-crews which includes a rigid wireless receiver that plugs directly into the XLR-in on your camera! It can also run off the camera’s phantom power, closing down when the camera does to save power. The plethora of features in this unit had it “…met with a lot of enthusiasm and interest”, and is available now.

Atomos were also in town showing off their trademark recorders, as well as debuting a new Power Station. This unit features several USB ports for charging, 2x DC Outputs, and several “dummy batteries” which will allow you to power cameras like Sony’s A7s, Panasonic’s GH4 and Canon’s 5D MkIII.

On a side note, the first footage from Panasonic’s DVX2000 was released this week. We’re very interested to see what this camera is capable of upon release!

Stay tuned for more information on these products, which will be available soon!