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Behringer MS40 2-Way Monitors

The Behringer MS40 Monitor Speakers are a set of two active studio monitors, designed for use primarily in computer studios and audio or multimedia workstations.

Behringer MS40 Monitor Speakers can be connected to your computer sound card, a music system such as an MP3 player, or musical instruments such as keyboards, and they will produce the same high quality sound from each.

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5 Tips for Controlling your Video Backgrounds

silhouette photo of fans cheering at a baseball game, the field is in sharp focus.

What’s in YOUR background? Recently I wrote about5 Poor Excuses for Bad Video and today I’m going to break one of them out into deeper study.Backgrounds. I’m not talking about green screen or computer generated backgrounds, I’m talking about the natural elements you’d focus on and find behind any subject you’re shooting, because unless you’re shooting with a completely black or white backdrop, you’re going to have some background in your video, and many people seem to forget about that important feature. Backgrounds can hurt an othewise great image or help spice up your story, so let’s give it more thought. Continue reading