NTG8 named ‘Gear of the Year’

Audio Media magazine (UK) has just named the RØDE NTG8 amongst its elite ‘Gear of the Year’ list for 2012!

It’s really no wonder, after their glowing review of the long shotgun microphone earlier in the year:

If we start with build, then the RØDE scores very highly. It’s beautifully designed and put together, with a smooth matt-black finish and gold plated XLR pins. I’ve used a smaller RØDE NTG3 as my kit shotgun mic for a number of years, and have found it excellent in every respect – from recording car engines to interviews. It’s proved to be extrememly rugged. Its big brother looks like it was built along similar principles… just turning it over in your hands the thing oozes quality.

It comes with an aluminium storage cylinder that looks like a riot police baton, and is padded inside to keep the mic safe and dry while on the move. There’s also a winshield and shock mount. The [Audio Technica] 4071 came with neither of these out-of-the-box, so it’s good to see them included with the RØDE. I hooked the NTG8 up to a Roland R26 portable recorder that had last been used to record an interview in a quiet room. I left all the settings the same, including sensitivity and the input dial. I then went outside to see what sound I could hunt down. I live in a fairly quiet area and as it happened one of my neighbours was getting her toddler into his pushchair and preparing to head out. She lives directly opposite me and we were about fifty to sixty feet apart. Through my headphones I could hear her talking to her child and could hear the toddler gurgling and chattering back, as toddlers do. None of this was particularly audible to the naked ear – you would possibly make out something if you really tried but that was about it. When I turned through 180 degrees, the child’s voice dropped dramatically in my headphones.

What was also apparent was the birdsong; well, actually crows cawing in the trees and pidgeons cooing on rooftops. With the mic pointed at them they went from being background atmos to spot fx, clear and crisp. Bearing in mind the record and input levels were all set up for an interview in a quiet study, this was remarkable. Wow. This is an impressive mic.

Good build quality, great to use and excellent audio quality. Oh, what a beauty.

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