Matrox ships their VS4 HD/SD SDI video-switching and streaming solution for Windows

The Matrox VS4 card allows real-time video switching and streaming with up to four HD or SD SDI video sources while working with Telestream WireCast Pro software.The Wirecast Pro software allows you to switch between all four video sources while adding titles, graphics and video clips during the live stream. Chroma-keying and virtual sets are included, plus the ability to record the live-switch to hard drive plus record each camera as a separate file for editing and archival purposes.

The VS4 works with NTSC/PAL, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 1080psf SDI video sources. You can mix and match video sources, meaning you can work with different resolutions and frame rates at the same time. Embedded SDI audio (up to 8 audio channels per SDI input) is brought into the system for making level changes and streaming purposes. Full-sized BNC connectors are included with the VS4. A second VS4 card can be installed in the same system, allowing for up to 8 live sources to switched in real-time.

The VS4 works with Telestream’s Wirecast Pro software all running on a Windows-7 host PC with 8GB of RAM and a suitable video card. Click here for complete host-PC system requirements. With suitable hard-drive storage you can record each camera’s video signal as a file to hard drive while live-switching. Those files can be edited with Adobe’s Premiere PRO software.

The Telestream Wirecast Pro software provides live-switching between SDI video sources, lower-third titles, video transitions and chroma-keying, streaming to multiple destinations including dedicated servers and CDNs, the your live-switch to hard drive as a WMV, Flash or Quicktime file while the Pro version adds HDV input support plus live scoreboards, virtual sets and advanced audio controls. Please note that the VS4 won’t work with Telestream’s Wirecast Studio software.

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