DxO ViewPoint Restores Natural Image Proportions

DxO ViewPoint specifically addresses the correction of distorted elements at the DXO-viewpoint
edges of images and fixing perspective problems including keystoning.


Based on DxO Labs’ geometric correction, DxO ViewPoint allows photographers to restore the natural proportions of the subjects in their images within their workflow.
The deformation of subjects located on the edges of photos, often due to the use of wide-angle lenses, affects numerous situations, particularly event videography and photo reportage. DxO ViewPoint can be used to restore natural proportions to distorted elements to make them match, in effect, those in the centre of the image.Problems with perspective such as keystoning may have a significant impact on urban, interior and architectural photography, and are most frequently linked to the photographer’s vantage point when shooting a scene. DxO ViewPoint can be used to reduce awkward vanishing points and convergent lines and correct a number of complex perspective problems without having to use shift lenses or to a view camera.
Each of the functions is applied with controls for fine-tuning settings to obtain a level of precision when producing larger prints. For example, some tools allow the possibility of virtually changing the shooting position of the photographer so as to align the vertical lines along the edges of the image.DxO ViewPoint has a workspace composed of a large viewing area along with simple toolbars and control palettes. The corrections palettes are detachable for use when working in multi-screen mode and displaying the full image. A visualization palette and a composition grid assist precise placement of anchor points for fine-tuning adjustments.
Two display modes are available – single image for making corrections with a maximum of accuracy, or side-by-side for manipulating the original image while viewing real-time corrections.DxO ViewPoint automatically applies corrections while taking into account shooting parameters such as focal length and sensor size, and while respecting the image proportions, for a more natural rendering. An automatic cropping tool helps to maximize the field of view for optimal results.

DxO ViewPoint is available as a standalone application for Mac and Windows, and also as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop through CS6, and Lightroom 3 and 4.  www.dxo.com