NewTek: Video Production for the Rest of Us Arrives with New TriCaster 40


Leo Laporte uses a NewTek TriCaster to produce the video shows on the network. So do many professional video producers, TV stations, etc. But getting a TriCaster usually costs more than $20,000. Way out of the range of many companies that might need to do occasional videos. But here NewTek is bringing a new TriCaster out that costs less than $5,000 that will let people produce high quality video shows with multiple cameras, computer input, and professional green screen/virtual studio capabilities. It’s the NewTek TriCaster 40 and here we take a good look.

NewTek was founded in 1986, by Tim Jenison, scientist, artist, musician and unfulfilled filmmaker. Tim and a group of other wannabe movie-makers set out to break free from the studio establishment and make their own films and television shows. They invented some pretty amazing tools that were easy to use, affordable, and just plain fun. The NewTek team continues to work at making it easy and really cost-effective for anyone to produce great television.

The path to high-quality video can be challenging when you’re diving into live production or figuring out how to stream live shows on a budget. NewTek, headquartered in San Antonio, introduces the TriCaster 40, an all-in-one, multi-camera video production solution that’s simple and affordable enough for anyone with limited funds. TriCaster 40 lets professionals and novices alike create streaming television, or air broadcast-quality video on the internet and mobile devices.

“A TriCaster takes all the capabilities of a large video production area and puts it into one integrated system,” explains Don Ballance, Director of Training & Education at NewTek. “It allows you to bring cameras in, switch between the cameras to for transitions from one camera to the next, create titles and motion overlays, stream your productions live to the internet, record those productions directly to the TriCaster in one integrated system, and it gives you the professional environment to do your productions from. It’s got an incredible virtual set system built right in that allows you to look like a big studio even though you are working in a small production space.”

TriCaster 40 is a simple solution for creating real-time productions of events and shows and streaming truly professional video programs to the internet. Just plug in cameras and audio, and start creating.