AJA Ki Pro Rack with Bonus Storage

Published on Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Customers purchasing a Ki Pro Rack, a 1RU tape replacement for video facilities, at AJA-Ki_Pro_rack
New Media in September are eligible for a special offer on HDD storage.


When you buy a Ki Pro Rack with a single HDD Storage Module Digistor will include a second Storage Module to record, store and transfer hours of additional footage at no additional charge.As a 1RU tape replacement for video facilities, Ki Pro Rack helps transition from tape decks to file-based workflows without interruption. The front panel interface is already familiar in the machine room, and the professional video and audio connections, RS-422 control and ability to record directly to high-quality ready- to-edit files makes Ki Pro Rack a competitive deck replacement.
By recording 10-bit, full raster files, Ki Pro Rack can help you handle most post processing requirements. Compared to 8-bit recording devices, 10-bit 4:2:2 recording can provide greater dynamic range and allow more flexibility in post when adjusting colour and balance. Also, by utilizing ProRes and DNxHD codes, file sizes are kept in check.Ki Pro Rack uses RS-422 control, supporting integration with editing systems, external controllers and other tape decks, and traditional VTR functions. Systems can perform assemble edits direct to the Ki Pro Rack Storage Modules, often faster than rendering to ProRes or DNxHD files within an editing system. Ki Pro Rack’s RS-422 connection can also be used to directly capture tape-based media into Ki Pro Rack as ProRes footage ready for editing or archiving.

This offer is available for a limited time until 28 September 2012. Please contact Digistor or visit the website to arrange a demonstration, purchase or make enquiries.  www.new-media.com.au

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