Behringer X32 Reviews

Here is the most comprehensive list of reviews for Behringer’s Digital Mixer X32:

Sound on Sound Reviews the Behringer X32

Sound On Sound states: ‘At the launch price, this console has no alternative – anything remotely comparable costs between two and four times more… The X32 should win the ‘Best Product of 2012′ award with considerable ease!’

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FOH X32 Road Test

Here is a great review of the X32 from FOH’s own Evan Hooton. In this review, Evan takes the X32 through the rigors of the road and a House of Worship installation. He also covers setup, DAW use, network functions & FX. “The X32 will be quite a game changer to the industry…” This is a statement we here at Behringer, couldn’t agree with more.

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Tools4Music X32 Review

Those who believe in magic will be dissapointed. Even Uli Behringer cannot really perform magic, but what the user receives with the X32 for under the 2,500 Euro retail price is close. The Behringer X32 is a digital console without any serious drawbacks. It scores points for its price class and grand features. It also uses professional readings and audio performance through the bank. All of the many application scenarios (live and studio) are taken into account.

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