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AJA Ki Pro Rack with Bonus Storage

Published on Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Customers purchasing a Ki Pro Rack, a 1RU tape replacement for video facilities, at AJA-Ki_Pro_rack
New Media in September are eligible for a special offer on HDD storage.


When you buy a Ki Pro Rack with a single HDD Storage Module Digistor will include a second Storage Module to record, store and transfer hours of additional footage at no additional charge.As a 1RU tape replacement for video facilities, Ki Pro Rack helps transition from tape decks to file-based workflows without interruption. The front panel interface is already familiar in the machine room, and the professional video and audio connections, RS-422 control and ability to record directly to high-quality ready- to-edit files makes Ki Pro Rack a competitive deck replacement.
By recording 10-bit, full raster files, Ki Pro Rack can help you handle most post processing requirements. Compared to 8-bit recording devices, 10-bit 4:2:2 recording can provide greater dynamic range and allow more flexibility in post when adjusting colour and balance. Also, by utilizing ProRes and DNxHD codes, file sizes are kept in check.Ki Pro Rack uses RS-422 control, supporting integration with editing systems, external controllers and other tape decks, and traditional VTR functions. Systems can perform assemble edits direct to the Ki Pro Rack Storage Modules, often faster than rendering to ProRes or DNxHD files within an editing system. Ki Pro Rack’s RS-422 connection can also be used to directly capture tape-based media into Ki Pro Rack as ProRes footage ready for editing or archiving.

This offer is available for a limited time until 28 September 2012. Please contact Digistor or visit the website to arrange a demonstration, purchase or make enquiries.

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NewTek TriCaster 40 Puts Live Production on the Desktop

TriCaster 40 is designed for broadcasters and producers looking for full-resolution HD, Newtek-Tricaster40-keyboard
multi-camera live production and streaming at low cost in an integrated, desktop system.


NewTek says opportunities for this type of media producer are expanding due to the growth in online viewing and other outlets such as cable channels and Internet companies.
                            Newtek-Tricaster40-1                   Newtek-Tricaster40-3
TriCaster 40 is a turnkey, desktop video production studio for delivering live video to broadcast, Web and projectors.It handles live multi-camera video production and streaming by removing the need for setup and cabling between production components, and building video switching, graphics, titles, effects, media playback, virtual sets, keying, recording and streaming tools into a single compact device.With the TriCaster 40 a user can incorporate multiple cameras, video inputs, stored clips, graphics, laptops, iOS devices and other sources to create and deliver television programming in real time at the native resolution of the source media, without altering the quality.
           Newtek-Tricaster40-6    Newtek-Tricaster40-keyboard
The small desktop size and weight allows you to produce a broadcast-quality show from most locations, and use it as part of a cart set-up to make an available room into a studio. As a turnkey operation, the user is not involved in cabling, integration points or configuring individual components. A 14-channel switcher – with four live camera inputs, multiple view monitor, digital disk recorder, program record storage, network inputs, streaming encoder, downstream keyer, graphics, titles and effects, virtual sets, and chroma key –  is integrated into the system. When live streaming, the user chooses the content delivery network.
           Newtek-Tricaster40-rear    Newtek-Tricaster40-right
If a green screen set up is available, you can use the Tricaster 40’s chroma key to make background replacements with the 24 supplied virtual broadcast studio sets. These sets include multiple camera angles, distinct set locations, moving backgrounds, active video monitors, real-time reflections and over-the-shoulder double box effects. You can add network-style visual elements such as titles and graphics and video transitions.TriCaster 40 is available now in Australia and New Zealand from Adimex Authorised Dealers priced at AU$5,654 inc GST. Educational pricing is available.

AJA Video Releases Support for Apple OS X 10.8

AJA Video Systems, a manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, has released a new software update supporting Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, including Gatekeeper certification. The new v10.3.2 software is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and is available for AJA’s latest KONA and Io XT and Io Express Continue reading

Mountain Lion Downloads Top Three Million

Apple has announced that downloads of OS X Mountain Lion have exceeded three million in four days, making it the most successful OS X release in Apple’s history. With more than 200 new features, Mountain Lion is the ninth major release of the company’s desktop operating system and is available through the Mac App Store as an upgrade to Lion or Continue reading

Behringer Launches Free iPad App for X32

Seattle, USA – August 9, 2012 – BEHRINGER has today announced the immediate availability of the XiControl iPad® App for its flagship X32 Digital Console. The app is a free download from Apple’s App Store and is compatible with all versions of the iPad® including the 1, 2 and New iPad®. Once installed, the app allows complete mixing control over the X32 Digital Console, opening a world of new possibilities.

Continue reading