Sorenson Media Announces Squeeze 8.5

from Sorenson Media

Today we introduce Sorenson Squeeze 8.5 and believe us when we say that this Squeeze is all juiced up. Get encoding speeds up to and exceeding 3X faster for MP4, MOV, MKV and WebM, FREE 5GB of Cloud Storage on Sorenson 360, new input and output options and much more.

Here is what some of the early users of Squeeze 8.5 are saying:

“Squeeze 8.5 was the fastest single file encoder that I saw on both Mac and Windows, often beating other desktop encoding tools by as much as 500%” – Jan Ozer

“I did some testing with a series of files I am currently working and found that the beta encoding times are significantly faster than the original release of Squeeze 8″ -Jerry Smart

“Using Squeeze 7, the encode of the HD source file took 1 Minute and 43 seconds. Using Squeeze 8.5, the encode was only 32 seconds… I am seeing better sustained multi-threading performance than any other application I have ever seen on my 24 Cores. Fantastic optimization!” – Brian Vasoff