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How to install a BlackMagic Intensity Pro

This is a basic Howto tutorial for setting up and using the Black Magic Intensity Pro capture card. It is a $200 hardware, and records HDMI or component signals. It has HDMI inputs and outputs, as well as a breaker cable for Component inputs and outputs, allowing you to record and play on your TV at the same time.

This video shows the basics of installing the Black Magic card into your computer and how to set it up using Component cables. If you aren’t sure you have open PCIe ports, first, USE GOOGLE IMAGES to search what PCIe ports look like. Second, OPEN UP YOUR COMPUTER, and see if any of them are available. Any size PCIe port will work with the Black Magic.

This capture card is the internal version of Intensity Pro. It requires an open PCIexpress port, and works in any size PCIexpress. If you have an x58 based motherboard with True USB 3.0, you can use the Intensity Shuttle. The Shuttle is EXACTLY like the Intensity Pro, but is completely external and because of that is easier to set up. To check if you have USB 3.0, look for a blue USB port. As for checking if you have an x58 based motherboard, check your system specs or look on the box of your motherboard.

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Convergent Design sweeps NAB 2011, Receives Three Awards for Gemini 4:4:4 Recorder

via Convergent Design

(May 2, 2011, Colorado Springs, CO) NAB 2011 was a banner show for Convergent Design with a 400% increase in booth traffic and the reception of three prestigious “Best of Show” awards for their new Gemini 4:4:4 video recorder.

The revolutionary Gemini 4:4:4 records uncompressed HD video onto affordable 1.8” SSD media from Dual/Single link HD-SDI 4:4:4/4:2:2 sources, with full S-Log support and user-programmable LUTs. Easily mistaken for simply an LCD monitor, the all-in-one camera-mountable Gemini includes a high-bright 5.0” LCD and recording / playback capability with industry-leading size, weight (1 lb), and power (8-15 Watts), in a milled aluminum case. Gemini can further be enhanced with optional 3D firmware which includes independent left/right channel recording with multiple output formats, including anaglyph, side-by-sides and luma differencing.

During the NAB 2011 show, Convergent Design’s Gemini recorder received the Vidy award from Videography magazine, the Mario Award from TV Technology magazine and the Pick Hit award from Broadcast Engineering magazine.

The Best of Show Vidy Awards recognize achievement in the advancement of arts and science of video technology. A select panel of engineers, editors, and production and post professionals joined the magazine staff to judge the Best of Show Vidy Awards for Videography. “Our teams searched the NAB show floor for products that were truly deserving of recognition,” says NewBay Media Broadcast & Video Group Vice President & Group Publisher Eric Trabb. “Recognition with an award at NAB from the Broadcast & Video Group is a strong vote of confidence and admiration from this leading publication.”

Organized in 1993, the Mario Awards were established to recognize manufacturers whose products represent significant technical breakthroughs¾many of these products have gone on to significantly impact the future of video technology. The awards are named after Mario Orazio, a pseudonym for a nameless engineer and a renowned technology columnist for TV Technology who pens the industry’s most widely read column “The Masked Engineer.” The awards are given out annually at the NAB convention to companies that demonstrate forward thinking and technical excellence in their products.

“Mario scours the NAB show floor for the 10 most innovative products that represent the pinnacle of technical achievement. We are proud to present these awards on behalf of the ‘Masked Engineer,’” said TV Technology Editor Tom Butts.

With a long history, Broadcast Engineering Pick Hits are the most prestigious technical awards given at the NAB Show. A panel of independent judges toured the show floor for three days, looking for innovative products and technology. The judges then met to make their selections based on several criteria, including the technical and financial improvements the products can bring to a facility’s operation. Broadcast Engineering editors and publishers have no vote in the selection process.

“Convergent Design is honored to receive these three prestigious awards. These awards represent a strong vote of confidence in our company and the overall direction of our product and market development”, noted Mike Schell, President of Convergent Design.

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