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NewTek Announces Extra Features for LightWave

NewTek LightWave 10.1

via CGSociety

LightWave 10.1 delivers more powerful import and export capabilities with FBX, MDD, and integrated Autodesk Geometry Cache support, a new Skin material node, and more.

LightWave 10.1 with integrated Autodesk Geometry Cache Support gives artists the ability to include or exclude models, morphs, animations, cameras and lights upon export. Other workflow features in LightWave 10.1 offer the ability to import joints as LightWave bones for greater compatibility with other programs; multi-threaded mesh evaluation optimization and sub-d mesh freezing acceleration; linear color space workflow improvements, including new support for .ICC/.ICM monitor profiles, and more.

Additional LightWave 10.1 features include:

  • Virtual Studio Tools
Supports InterSense Virtual Camera Tracking System (VCAM) and 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D mouse, allowing interaction with models and scenes in real time.
  • FiberFX
Hair and fur shader now supports VPR and includes improved speed, stability and displacement handling.
  • Linear Color Space Workflow
Supports custom Look Up Tables (LUTs) for more realistic lighting and compositing flexibility, color space correction for HyperVoxels, XYZ, Lab, RGB and CMYK data, and more.
  • Updated User Interface
Interactive channel sliders, added control for custom colors, and numerous workflow enhancements deliver a more dynamic user experience.

LightWave 10.1 will be available to registered users of LightWave 10 in the second quarter of 2011.

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Videography Announces 2011 NAB Best of Show Vidy Award Winners


Videography magazine, published by NewBay Media, announced its Best of Show Vidy Awards at the 2011 NAB Show.

NewBay Media’s Broadcast & Video Group of products, which also includes, DV magazine,, Digital Video Expo,,, and the Creative Planet Communities, is uniquely poised to recognize the full spectrum video technology on display here at NAB. A select panel of engineers, editors, and production and post professionals joined the magazine staff to judge the Best of Show Vidy Awards for Videography.

The Best of Show Vidy Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the advancement of the art and science of video technology. The Videography Vidy Awards is one of the longest-running NAB awards programs.

The 2011 Videography Vidy Awards winners are:

  • 1 Beyond Wrangler SuprDupr Portable Media Duplication System
  • AJA Video Systems KONA 3G with 4K Update
  • Avid PhraseFind Powered by Nexidia
  • bebob Hot-Swap Adapter ML-120
  • Canon U.S.A. FK14.5-60 Wide-Angle Cine Lens
  • Cel-Soft Cel-Scope3D Stereoscopic Analyzer
  • Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4 Recorder
  • Dashwood Cinema Solutions Stereo3D CAT
  • Fraunhofer IIS CURATOR Archive Suite
  • Innovision Optics Spintec Rain Deflector
  • Matrox MXO2 Support for Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
  • Miller Compass 25 Fluid Head
  • NVIDIA Quadro Cards with CUDA Technology
  • P+S Technik 16Digital SR Mag
  • Panasonic AG-3DP1
  • Panasonic AG-AF100
  • RED Digital Cinema EPIC
  • Sony Electronics HXR-NX3D1U NXCAM camcorder
  • Sony Electronics PMW-F3
  • The Foundry STORM

“Our teams searched the NAB show floor for products that were truly deserving of recognition,” says NewBay Media Broadcast & Video Group Vice President & Group Publisher Eric Trabb. “Recognition with an award at NAB from the Broadcast & Video Group is a strong vote of confidence and admiration from this leading publication.”

The winners of the 2011 Vidy Awards will be featured in the May issue of Videography magazine, and also on

Blackmagic Design Announce New Products

Blackmagic Design have announced a whole slew of new products at NAB 2011.

BlackMagic UltraStudio 3D – SDI, HDMI and Analog CapturePre-order!

UltraStudio 3D features full resolution dual stream 3D support, 12 bit hardware architecture, dual link 3 Gb/s SDI, support for up to 1080p60 in SDI and component analog and HDMI 1.4a connections, as well as full SD, HD and 2K support.

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BlackMagic UltraStudio SDI 10 bit SDI capture and playback with USB 3.0Pre-order!

UltraStudio SDI includes SDI capture and playback, as well as a built in HDMI 1.4 output for low cost local monitoring using a low cost television as a broadcast monitor.

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BlackMagic HyperDeck Shuttle SDI & HDMI uncompressed recorderPre-order!

an exciting new disk recorder that captures uncompressed 10 bit SDI or HDMI video onto Solid State Disks (SSDs). HyperDeck Shuttle is a compact and portable design that’s battery powered so it’s designed for recording high quality on location shoots, or for use as a deck with live production switchers.

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BlackMagic SmartView Duo 8″ LCD Rack MonitorPre-order!

SmartView Duo features two large 8 inch LCD screens in a compact rack mount design that’s less than an inch thick. SmartView Duo handles all SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI video standards, and all screens can be remotely adjusted via your Ethernet network.

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BlackMagic DeckLink 4K – SD HD, 2K and 4K SDI PCIe CardPre-order!

DeckLink 4K, a new 3 Gb/s Quad Link SDI capture card that supports SD, HD, 3 Gb/s HD, 2K and 4K capture and playback using a single PCI Express slot for

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BlackMagic Decklink Quad 4 SDI I/O PCIe CardPre-order!

DeckLink Quad includes 4 SDI inputs and 4 SDI outputs that can be switched between SD and HD video formats. Each SDI input and output is completely independent, and handled via a completely separate processing core.

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Primera 4102 Speed Demonstration

…Primera’s Bravo 4100-Series Disc Publishers and Printers are the fastest desktop disc printers and publishers in the world. It takes just six (6) seconds to print each disc with 100% coverage in near-perfect quality. Features include separate ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK)…

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Atomos Unveils the Samurai

from Safe Harbor

Atomos is excited to announce the second of its industry-transforming external Apple ProRes video recorders, the HD-SDI-equipped Samurai. Samurai packs masses of power into a rugged, portable device that records, monitors, and instantly plays back ready-to-edit, visually-lossless Apple Pro Res files: all for only $1,500 USD. Samurai, as well as Atomos’ original Ninja, will be demonstrated at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention from April 11-14, 2011, at the Atomos Booth (SL9105).

Samurai builds on all the strengths of Atomos’ groundbreaking HDMI Ninja, namely:

  • Records, monitors and has instant on-board playback of ready-to-edit, visually-lossless Apple ProRes files – all in one portable, self-contained unit
  • Bypasses the image-degrading compression needed to squeeze HD onto in-camera flash storage
  • Eliminates capture cards and the time-wasting capture process by recording to a highquality editing codec direct from the camera
  • Uses limitless and cheap removable 2 ½ inch hard disks for the lowest cost storage in an external recorder
  • Records to SSDs (Solid State Drives)
  • Very low power consumption
  • Banishes worries about battery life with “Dual Looping”, hot-swappable battery operation
  • Recycles older cameras with obsolete tape and compression technology, and updates them with a modern, high-quality file-based workflow

Samurai adds:

  • HD/SD SDI inputs and pass-through
  • A bigger, 5″ touchscreen/monitor with double the Ninja’s linear resolution (800×480)
  • Real-time hardware-based 3:2 pulldown for extracting 24p from 60i PsF recordings
  • Timecode and Genlock
  • Screen Flipping
  • Multi-camera support (with multiple Samurais)
  • 3D support (with 2 genlocked Samurais)
  • 14.4 V compatibility

Hidden inside Samurai’s compact design is a hardware implementation of the Apples ProRes codec; a bit-perfect rendition of Apple’s professional compression system that’s designed to leave your final images looking as good as when they first hit your camera’s sensor.

Atomos’ unique battery-looping technology means that you never have to interrupt a Samurai recording to swap power cells. Just unplug the old battery and replace it with a fully charged one.

Samurai makes it easy to get video off your camera and onto your computer, with FireWire 800, USB 2 and 3 interfaces built in. Apple ProRes works natively with Final Cut Pro and on any computer with the Apple ProRes codec installed (including suitably configured PCs).

Samurai is simple to use as well, with a no-nonsense, intuitive, high-resolution touchscreen that doubles as a viewfinder and playback monitor.

“Samurai is a truly revolutionary new weapon for the video production professional. With visually-lossless recording to inexpensive removable media at the camera and a long battery life, you can think of it as a new “back end” to every SDI and HD-SDI camera, new and old,” said Jeromy Young, Atomos CEO. “We’re starting to see video cameras that compete with 35mm film technology at affordable prices, and yet they’re crippled by the harsh compression necessary to squeeze HD video onto miniaturised on-camera storage. Samurai releases the potential of these incredible new cameras as well as older obsolete cameras, and bringscinema-quality video production to everyone at amazing prices.”

Better quality from your camcorder. Infinite cheap storage. No worries about battery life. Ideal for everything from older HD-SDI camcorders to large-sensor digital cinematography cameras, Samurai transforms the way you work with video.

Find out more about the Atomos Samurai

Manfrotto 540HD wins at the Red Dot Design Awards 2011

via Manfrotto

One of the most prestigious international design competitions has awarded seven prizes to the historic company from Vicenza, recognising the quality and excellence of Italian design

Manfrotto, the world leader in the design, production and distribution of equipment and accessories for the photography and imaging industry, has won seven prizes at one of the world’s most prestigious design competitions: the Red Dot Design Award 2011. The prizes were awarded to products from the new Imagine More collection:

The Imaging & Staging Division of the Vitec Group, Manfrotto’s UK-based parent company, also won an eighth prize, which was awarded to the KATA brand for KATA Source.

According to the authoritative jury of the Red Dot Design Award, composed of top international design experts, the unique and innovative design of these eight products stood out in a competition that attracted 4.433 projects submitted by designers and companies from 60 countries.

The significant results achieved at the Red Dot Design Award 2011 by Manfrotto – and the Vitec Group in general – represent further recognition of the quality of Italian design: a success that the company is proud to share with the entire sector, which has been the emblem of Italian excellence around the world for years.

Manfrotto products reflect the qualities of a team of professionals who are unique in this industry and are committed, day after day, to developing innovative and state-of-the-art products. Ongoing research into new trends and technological innovation has helped the Manfrotto team gain the attention, favour and loyalty of a large national and international public, as demonstrated by the important recognition of the Red Dot Design Award 2011.

The awards ceremony will be held on 4 July 2011 at the prestigious Essen Opera House (Germany), which is also the location of the Red Dot Museum. A permanent exhibition of the winning products, with explanatory panels, will be set up in the museum. The innovative articles will also be published and illustrated in the annual Red Dot Design Yearbook and at the website.

Learn more about the Manfrotto 540HD

RODE NTG-3 excels in Indonesian endurance test

via RØDE

RØDE NTG-3 and Blimp put through their paces for UK’s Channel 4

In late 2008 freelance location recordist Chris Bruce was commissioned to make a programme that would put his brand-new RØDE NTG-3 shotgun microphone to the ultimate endurance test. The assignment was to record a new programme for The UK’s Channel 4 entitled ‘Ultimate Gap Year’, which follows a team of six backpackers as they slog their way across this spectacular corner of South East Asia.

A tougher test for production equipment would be difficult to imagine. For all its beauty and cultural mystique, Indonesia is an obstacle course of rugged and diverse terrain. The climate can hardly be described as benign, as it boasts most of the environmental extremes found in the natural world.

Having previously relied on Sennheiser’s popular MKH416 shotgun microphone for tough conditions, this time Chris opted for RØDE’s NTG-3 shotgun, giving it a trial by fire – and took both the NTG-3 and the matching RØDE BLIMP windshield system on the trip. He was very pleased with the results: ”I was familiar with the 416, it’s a solid and reliable workhorse that can handle most environments. But I’d read some rave reviews of the NTG-3, and was intrigued to find out how well a mic costing half as much would measure up to the old standard.”

Chris was very impressed by his RØDE NTG-3. “It’s difficult to overstate exactly how unfriendly the conditions were. Temperatures ranged from near freezing on the side of a volcano to the more normal 35 degrees plus, accompanied by 100% humidity and frequent tropical rain storms. Jakarta is a very densely populated city in a part of the world where, dare I say it, RF restrictions on electrical equipment probably aren’t quite so stringent as they are in Europe. In all situations the NTG-3 performed outstandingly well.”

“It was an exhausting trip, but the NTG-3 performed brilliantly throughout and was no trouble at all. I didn’t need to use anything else, and didn’t even have to dip into the bag for my spare. We went through a whole variety of environments and damp humid locations and it didn’t let me down once. I’m so happy with it, it’s going to be my main shotgun mic on my next trip to Ethiopia.”

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