Lighting for HD Video

Lowel Lighting have posted a great article on how to use their lights to effectively provide light when filming in HD.

Video cameras and post production equipment have continued to evolve & improve over the years. As a result, there has also been the continual need to improve the art & craft of lighting, in order to take advantage of the additional abilities.

High Definition video cameras offer increased resolution and a greater range of contrast than those of the past. Simply put, your images will be sharper and have more subtlety in the shadings between light & dark.

The ability to reproduce finer detail can be worrisome for people in front of the camera, as cosmetic imperfections are more easily detected. The knee-jerk reaction can be to try and completely fix it with soft lighting.

The HD cameras ability to render more subtle gradients of shadow gives you a wider palette of creative shading possibilities. Slight adjustments to your lighting can have profound implications when dealing with shadow details.

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