RODE NTG-3 Shotgun Microphone Review

Joy To The World – Birthday Ukulele Jam – Rode NTG-3 Mic Test from Chad Johnson on Vimeo.

The NTG-3 is Rode’s follow-up to their much celebrated shotgun microphone; the NTG-2. Whilst it has been around for a couple of years now, the price has come down significantly enough that it’s now affordable for everyone.

…the NTG-3 will likely deliver better consonant articulation between spaced sources (than the MKH416), making it a formidable dialogue mic when you can’t afford to miss a beat. It’s also a little more forgiving on set when the boom drifts on a single source… It seems the mic is far more capable than any boom operator of standing out in the freezing cold, and long before the mic showed any signs of failure, the operator’s clattering of teeth would probably stop the shoot.

Audio Technology

I figured I’d put it to the test, so I ran a cable to my bathroom and cranked up the hot shower. To my surprise, the NTG-3 kept outputting clean audio, even as condensation drops began to form on the barrel of the mic itself.

Professional Sound

The NTG-3 is a well-designed and well-built audio instrument. The smooth response, generous pick-up pattern, and outstanding interference rejection make the mic a pleasure to work with.

Pro Video Coalition

The audio from the NTG-3 was remarkably clear and bright, and it “popped” in the field. The NTG-3 stands out as a shotgun microphone. With its combination of clear sound, impressive technical specs and reasonable price, it’s a piece of audio gear that will have a place in your kit for years to come


Here’s a great video displaying the differences between the Audio-Technica AT4053b and the Rode NT3, and the Rode NT3 and NT2.

Hyper & Shotgun Indoor Shootout: AT4053b Vs. Rode NT3 AND NTG-2 Vs. NTG-3 from Chad Johnson on Vimeo.

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